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Party Rentals: Tableware



 Please Note: All Tableware needs to be returned clean to avoid a cleaning charge.  
  White Standard China - Swirl  
  White Standard China - Corell  
  Ivory Standard China - Tuscan  
  Ivory Standard China - Octagonal  
 Dinner Plate.55  Each
 Dessert, Salad, or B & B Plate.55  
 Soup Bowl.55  
 Bouillon Cup (ivory or off-white only).55  
 Coffee/Tea Cup or Saucer.55  each
  Silver Rimmed China (Thin)  
  White Gold Rimmed China (Thin)  
  Ivory Gold Rim China (Thin)  
 Dinner Plate.65  
 Dessert or B & B Plate.65  
 Soup Bowl.65  
 Coffee Cup or Saucer.65  each
  Octagonal Clear Glass Plates  
 Dinner Plate.55  
 Dessert, Salad, or B & B Plate.55  
 Coffee/Tea Cup or Saucer.55  
  White Square China  
 Dinner Plate 10" 3/4.75  
 Dessert, Salad, or B & B Plate 7" 1/4.75  
  Silver Rimmed China (Thick)  
  Gold Rimmed China (Thick)  
 Dinner Plate1.00  
 Dessert, Salad, or B & B Plate1.00  
  Blue Enamelware  
 Dinner Plate.75  
 Salad Plate.75  
 Coffee Cup.75  
  Footed Dessert Cup.55  
 Supreme Bowl (footed)1.00  
  6" Berry Bowl.50  
  Plate Cover 10" 1/41.25  
 Enamelware Coffeepot or Pitcher5.00  


 China (white, terracotta, black, turquoise)1.00  Each
  Gold tone (round)1.50  
  Gold Tone (square)1.50  
  Silver tone1.50  
  Coral Wicker3.00  
  Gold Filigree3.00  
  Silver Metal with Gold Edge3.00  
  Ornate Silver4.00  
  Copper (round)4.50  
  Glass, Swirl6.00  
  Glass, Gold and Silver beaded6.50  


  Rose (standard stainless)  
  Ocean (standard stainless)  
 Dinner Fork.60  Each
 Salad or Dessert Fork.60  
 Cocktail Fork.60  
 Dinner Knife.60  
 Butter Knife.60  
 Dinner Spoon.60  
 Soup Spoon.60  
 Iced Tea Spoon.60  
  Gold Tone  
  Marquis Feather  
 Dinner Fork.65  
 Salad or Dessert Fork.65  
 Dinner Knife.65  
 Butter Knife.65  
 Dinner Spoon.65  
 Soup Spoon.65  
  Rose Silverware  
 Dinner Fork.75  
 Salad or Dessert Fork.75  
 Dinner Knife.75  
 Dinner Spoon.75  
  Steak Knife.65  
 Meat Fork.65  


  Water Goblet - standard.60  Each
  Water Goblet - tall stem (on right).60  
  Punch Cup.60  
  Shot Glass (several styles).60  
  Cordial Glass (shown on right).60  
  Iced Tea.60  
  16oz Stemmed Ice Tea Glass0.60  
  Hi-ball glass.60  
  Old-Fashioned Glass.60  
  Wine Goblet (Standard Small).60  
  Colored Wine, Flute, Martini1.00  
  Champagne Saucer - 4oz (shown right).60  
  Champagne Flute - 8oz (shown left).60  
  Irish Coffee Mug.60  
  Margarita .60  
  Martini Glass.60  
  Beer Mug.60  
  Handblown wine: Chardonnay, Burgundy or Bordeaux1.00  

Misc. Serving Equipment and Accessories

  Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Small 2.00  
  Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Large4.00  
  Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Crystal6.00  
  Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Eiffel Tower4.00  
  Butter Cup/ 1oz Oyster Cup.35  
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